[Sample Workout] Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

[Sample Workout] Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

Posted on 22. Sep, 2010 by in Strength, Tools

As promised, Jedd Johnson has given me an awesome forearm workout so I can hook you guys up this off-season. Download the workout here, and get to work.

Coming Tomorrow [VIDEO]

Obviously, I had to put this thing to the test 🙂 …so tomorrow I’ll be posting a quick video of me using Jedd’s workout, so you know exactly how good this thing is. I have a feeling it’s gonna rock.

I have a feeling that this quick workout is just scratching the surface of what Jedd knows about baseball forearm and grip strength, and how it really can translate to on-the-field success. He said he’s got something else he really wants to share, so I’m sure that’s coming later this week 😉

Grab Jedd’s Ultimate Forearm Training Workout Here

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