Why Size Doesn’t Matter in Baseball

Why Size Doesn’t Matter in Baseball

Posted on 24. Jul, 2010 by in Youth Ball

What would it be like to have the Ultimate Mental game?

How would your approach change at the plate? In the field? On the base-paths?

What you’re imagining right now, that confidence, that security, that assurance in your own performance, is absolutely attainable. It just takes practice. It takes discipline. And it takes a mentor that has been there before, struggled with the same things, faced the same obstacles, and learned through failure after failure.

I’ve been there. And I was lucky enough to have guys better than me coach me through the mental game of baseball. I learned the absolute best ways to get the mental edge on the ball-field, and it paid off. I was a 5’8″ 155 pounds high school senior who had the chance to rise to the top, earn a Division I scholarship, start every game through 4 years of college, and lead my team to it’s first NCAA Tournament appearance while earning the honor of the Rawlings 1st Team All-America.

I guarantee I was the smallest guy on that team. But I also guarantee I could run laps around every other player out there mentally. Where I lacked in size, I made up with a die-hard persistence to be the best, because I truly believed I was.

And it didn’t happen overnight.


This might be the best part of our new hitting program, system, or whatever you want to call it. Our 10 Step system covers exactly what I did to program my Mental Game, and I absolutely guarantee it will take you to another level that you’ve been wanting to get to.

It’s 100% up to you. No one can hold you back, but you.

If you’re serious about taking the next step towards becoming a respected coach, check out our 10 Step Hitting System Report.

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