The Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball

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It’s finally here…Jedd has let me see his big project, “The Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

After using his Sample Forearm Workouts, I couldn’t wait to open this thing up, and I was shocked. OVER 500 PAGES OF PURE FOREARM WORKOUTS! I can’t even digest this in one sitting. If my forearms looked like this after the sample workout, I can’t imagine what’s next.

In case you don’t really get it, forearms are kind of a “baseball” thing. Look around the major and you’ll notice one thing across the league…every guy…big or small, has jacked forearms. Every action inside the game of baseball requires forearm strength: swinging the bat, throwing a ball (it’s the last muscle group you use), and the list goes on.

Why This Thing Is Guaranteed to Work

The stronger your forearms are, the faster your ball will fly and the quicker and more powerful you’re bat will be. Bat speed does not come from bench pressing, bicept curls, pull-ups, push-ups, or anything else…it comes from your wrist action.

Jedd’s “Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball” flat out crushed this. If you try this thing out and don’t become a forearm powerhouse…I will take all the blame…b/c it’s just not gonna happen.

What Results You Will See

Your bat speed, hitting power, and throwing velocity WILL INCREASE…you just can’t argue the science behind it.

The coolest part about this, is Jedd’s college baseball background helps him understand it even better. Tons of his secret forearm exercises he actually uses a bat to do…and makes you go through baseball motions to build strength…what’s better than that? You actually perform the same motions in the gym that you do on the field…pretty sweet

Check out Jedd’s “Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

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