13 Things Every Hitter Should Own

13 Things Every Hitter Should Own

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I’ve been thinking about what baseball items I just could not have lived without. So I decided to make a list, and came up with the Top 13 items that I would not have given up.

Question – What on this list do you or your players have? What do you WISH you had?

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#1 The Science Of Hitting by Ted Williams | $10-$15

This is the greatest book ever written. (In my humble opinion Wink) It is the easiest read on the planet, probably about 60 pages in huge, 6 year old sized font. Williams breaks hitting down like I’ve never seen and makes it seem so easy. On top of that, he reveals what made his mental game so strong and teaches how we can get the edge that he had. More Information

#2 Hitting Tee | $15-$45

The most important tool a hitter will ever own, well other than a bat, because I guess you can’t use a tee if you don’t have a bat…or balls. You get the point. Get a tee. Or stop complaining that you don’t get enough cuts at practice. A real player creates his own results and doesn’t let practice end when it’s time to go home. More Information

#3 Flip HD Video Camera | $125-$175

If you’re looking to really start understanding your swing instead of being left in the dark when things aren’t working right, get yourself a camera. The Flip is the easiest camera in the world to use…just point and click. It has a built in USB port so you don’t even need any cords. Upload your swings to your computer, and find some good video of major league swings, then compare and contrast. Simple and effective. More Information

#4 Tripod | $15-$25

Unless your camera floats magically in the air, you’re gonna need a tripod. Have a dedicate dad? Then skip the tripod. But in the event that you’re on your own, it might be a good idea to have. Make sure to get a tall one though. Those 6 inch ones aren’t going to cut it.. More Information

#5 Turf Cross-Trainers | $50-$90

For those of you with indoor practices during the colder months, this is a must. Turfs are great in the cage, at the gym after practice, and for just kicking off the cleats after games. Built for ballplayers, with a lot more support and durability then those running shoes have. Plus, you look like a ballplayer wearing them. More Information

#6 Phiten Necklace | $20-$35

Purely for style. Although some say they make you feel better. It’s all a mind game if you ask me…but hey, if you’re feeling better while looking good…that’s good enough for me. Just please don’t go overboard with these things. More Information

#7 Louisville Slugger C271 Maple Wood Bat | $65-$85

Even if you’re in a metal bat league, you should still have a nice wood bat in your bag. Wood bats give you a better feel when hitting, and it makes it a little tougher on you during batting practice. While other guys are showing off during BP, trying to hit everything over the wall, you’re in the box with something else in mind: actually improving your game. More Information

#8 DeMarini CF3 Batting Gloves | $25-$30

Hands down the best grip you’ll find in any batting gloves. I bought 4 pairs at the start of my senior season to make sure I wouldn’t be left without a good pair. They’re soft, thin, and the grip is outstanding. If it’s in the gudget, get at least 2 pairs so you have a fresh pair for just in-game hitting. More Information

#9 Oakley Sunglasses | $50-$200

Any glasses will do, just make sure they’re polarized. Cutting out glare is huge, especially if you’re an outfielder. I hated sunglasses until using polarized because every other pair will block the sun, but also your view of the ball coming off the bat. Go polarized or no glasses at all. More Information

#10 Eye Black | $5-$10

Again, more geared towards the look and style. But hey, if you’re looking good…you’re probably playing good. So sport the eye black. More Information

#11 Phiten Sports Sleeve | $15-$30

I haven’t done any scientific studies on the actual results that these things “say” they give you, but they do help with arm pain just by purely compressing the muscle. They look sick too. More Information

#12 Mizuno 9-Spike “Vapors” | $50-$100

Tried these puppies on in high school, and never bought another pair. For you speedsters out there, grab a pair of these and you’ll thank me. The lightest pair of cleats on the planet, and you feel in it every step you take. More Information

#13 Pine Tar & Rag | $5-$15

Great for when those batting gloves are shot from all the spit and dirt you stuck on them. Pine tar never fails to give you the grip you need at the plate. Grab that wood bat, and have fun decorating it too. More Information

If you’re serious about really taking your hitting knowledge to a whole other level, you might want to watch this free video where I go over my 10 Step Hitting System.

Question – What on this list do you or your players have? What do you WISH you had?

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