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The Hitting Academy

It was 2004 that I earned myself a Division I Scholarship to play baseball, and I was the smallest kid in the state to do it. But I quickly learned that I was going to be turned into a slap hitter because of my size.

After a tough 2 seasons, I decided to re-make myself as a hitter, change schools, and get back to doing what I knew best: hitting and using every ounce I had to develop power at the plate.

This 10 Step System was exactly how I remade myself in just 2 seasons, and found myself on the 2008 Rawlings 1st Team All-American Team.

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2 Strikes Secrets

2 Strikes Secrets is our newest product that focuses on the 2 small adjustments I made every single time I found myself in a 2 strike count.

In 2007 I saw that my strikeout totals were climbing, so I set out to figure out exactly how the best major league hitters handle the 2 strike count.

This 30 minute video shows you exactly how I learned from the top 5 hitters in the game and developed my own 2 strike approach that took my college batting average from .418 to .454 in a single season.




Swing BreakDown Pro

These videos are a collection of some of the best major league hitters and how they do what they do at the plate. I personally break down each one of their swings and show you exactly what they do. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. What better way then to break down the top swings in the game?





My Pre-Game Routine

This 1 hour long audio product can be downloaded right now and you can learn exactly what I did at the college level to prepare for each and every game.

You’ll learn everything from what I did the day before gameday, to what I ate for breakfast on the day of games. I walk you through my pre-pre game routine, my pre-game routine, my batting practice routine, and a whole lot more. This is a fantastic tool for players, parents, and coaches that are looking for that little edge that can really separate you from the pack.





Instant Hitting Drills

Our flag-ship product at Train Baseball is Instant Hitting Drills. Learn more at where I walk you through everything inside this incredible product.

Quick Summary: the best hitting drills I’ve ever been taught that took my game from an average college ballplayer to a 1st Team All-American. These drills will solve any hitting problem you’ll ever have, and I walk you through exactly how and when to use them. Learn more at




Sneaky Baseball Playbook

The top 18 Sneakiest Plays in our playbook. A great tool for any coach looking to get the edge on the baseball field. There are plays for any age level or experience level. Buyers beware…some of these plays are pretty “edgy.” 🙂